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Your advertisement game should be killer if you want to thrive in your cutthroat industry. We ensure advertisement facility to our clients where we promote brands, handle your social presence, and engage more customers.

Services we provide

Google Ads / PPC Campaign

Google Ads and PPC campaigns contribute to your business goal and they drive valuable traffic and revenue. We utilize it to showcase your company and products in front of a huge audience, convert them into loyal customers, and generate more income.

Google Merchant Center

List your products and services on Google Marchant Center & make it accessible to shoppers across Google. We will do it for you. As a result, your business will drive more sales, and reach more customers.

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YouTube Ads

If you can set the ads up properly, people will come across your product many times when they are on YouTube. Interested ones will click your ads and will buy your items. In return, you will earn great revenue. In the least, it’s quite a way to engage your brand with the mass.

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Facebook & Instagram Ads Campaign

Our experts know how to manipulate your brand's ads there. Sponsored ads for your products and services based on people's interests, location, age, and gender can compel them to purchase the product. So, this is how we make your move through ads campaign and benefit your business.

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Facebook Boosting & Promote

Stuck with limited likes, comments, and shares in your pre-existing Facebook post. We can help you expand your audience with Facebook Boosting and promotion.

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Shopify Facebook Ads

Syncing your Shopify store to the Facebook Channel to promote your products on Facebook can bring you quite a good number of conversion. You can easily identify people’s likes, interests, & behaviour & generate more sales this way.

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Pinterest Ads

We offer the service of Pinterest Ads in the forms of Static Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Collection Ads, App Install Ads, and Shopping Ads. It all depends on your audience and what works best for them.

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LinkedIn Ads

Well, who doesn’t know the importance of LinkedIn in the international job market? Everyone there are professionals looking for their respective works. So advertising properly in LinkedIn can bring you fortunes at a very less cost.


Twitter Ads

Allow us to run Twitter ads for your business and make it a success. Our experts can work on different forms of Twitter ads such as Image ads, Text-only Ads, Moment ads, Carousel Ads, Video Ads, and many more. We know when and how to display these ads to people. So, you can experience better conversion and sales.

How do we work?

The next step includes the case study of your business and the related industry. We find out how your competitors are doing in the market and what should you do to outperform them. Here, we utilize various organic and ad spying methods to find out the intricacies of your competitors. Plus, we analyze your niche industry and its impact on the market. When we have reports ready, we strategize our plan and work accordingly.


Our goal is to ensure your brand or business is getting an excellent promotion and targeting its ideal audience with more conversions.

Research & Audit

We research your business to find out impactful marketing strategies. Then also analyze competitors & their ads to bring better ROI at an optimum cost.

Optimization & Setup

Next step is to set up the different social media accounts as well as perp & set up the ad campaigns. Then, we target the audience based on their demographic location, age group, gender, and interest.

Campaign launch

After we are done setting up and optimizing the accounts and advertisements, we will move ahead by launching your campaign successfully.

Audit & Analysis

All there is left is to monitor and ensure your ads are running properly. If any errors or lacking are found, we will fix them without hampering the campaign.

Deliver & Plan to Action

After we are successfully done implementing all the work to run your campaign, we will look forward to the outcome. Also, we will make plans for what is needed to be done ahead.

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Why is advertising important for business?

When you start a new business, few people know about it. But you need as many customers as possible. For this reason, you need to step forward and advertise your brands or company. Nowadays it is done online. It is a hassle-free and effective method to increase brand awareness, get more leads, achieve successful conversion rates, and reach a larger audience. All these things lead to more sales and ultimately your business will flourish in the market.

How will we improve sales through advertisement?

Here, at Times IT, we utilize various channels to advertise your brand. We have an expert team of advertisers that research your business and make productive plans to promote your products and services by targeting a specific audience, demographic, interest, gender, and age. We will make your ads appear sincere, interesting, and valuable to people. So, it will compel them to click the ad at least. This way, we will accumulate interested audiences on your site, and eventually they will turn into your loyal customers. As a result, your sales will improve and your business will gain the desired attention from people. 


Most Popular Questions

Here, we provide advertisement facilities like Ad Campaigns, Strategic Planning, advertising content, layout, graphics, images, advertising messaging, advertising themes, and many more.

Our firm designs ad campaigns based on clients’ requirements, objectives, and audiences. Then we plan out everything and start working to implement the projects.

From us, you can expect a quick response, creative works, and more customer insights, we will create results within your budget, and impactful promotion of your brands or businesses.

We generally work with different types of ads. They are given in the following:

  •       Display ads,
  •       Social Media ads,
  •       Video ads,
  •       Email Marketing,
  •       Direct Mail, and
  •       Paid Search ads,
  •       Native ads,
  •       Product Placement ads,
  •       And more.

We have an industry expert advertiser who can promote your brand and business to a larger audience successfully. Plus, we will capture and retarget your viewers so the leads and conversions increase. Hence, your brand awareness establishes among people, and your business grows in the market.