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There is no other platform right now for marketing is better or anywhere near to social media. Now it is the fastest, most effective & primary way of getting popular and boosting sales or services.

Services we provide

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit

Using social media platforms, you can establish brand awareness, curate more leads, drive maximum conversions, and increase sales.

Daily Posting / Schedule Posting

Our strategic schedule posting will feed your audience with daily exciting and valuable content to lock them up with your business.

Page and Account Management

We will monitor your profiles with sharp eyes and extend our extensive assistance to maintain your social media platforms.

Competitor Research

With our experts' intensive analysis of the competitors, you can improve & improvise your business strategy.

Make Plan to Grow the Reach

Here, we will use trending keywords, relevant backlinks, interactive content, & other things to boost your reach to maximum.

Organic Reach

Getting proper organic reach can bring you huge profits at minimal cost. And our marketing strategy inculdes that first.

Using the Right #tags

We will find you the relevant hashtag to cut short the digital clutter. So, more people will find your product or services easily when looking under that theme. Right hashtags will pull loyal customers toward your site and increase your views.

Post Design

When people come to your social media handle, they notice your visual content first. So, if you want to engage them, your post design should be attractive and talks vividly about your business. We can support you with our design team here. Depending on your target audience, they will also customize the design. So, you can present a visual delight to your followers.

Social Media Content Writing

With just well-written content, you can start to attract, connect, gain trust and make sales for your business. This is how important a quality content is! Here we have a large team of professional writers doing the same thing. From us, you will get engaging content to present your business proposition effectively to the world.

Monthly Based Social Media Marketing Service

Social Media Marketing is an ongoing process. You need to manage a lot of things together for which sometimes it can get messier. So, to keep things tight and run your campaign smoothly, we strategize our social media marketing services monthly. That way, you get more clarity in our work and thing goes nicely as it is planned.

How do we work?

The next step includes the case study of your business and the related industry. We find out how your competitors are doing in the market and what should you do to outperform them. Here, we utilize various organic and ad spying methods to find out the intricacies of your competitors. Plus, we analyze your niche industry and its impact on the market. When we have reports ready, we strategize our plan and work accordingly.


Our goal is to ensure your brand or business is getting an excellent promotion and targeting its ideal audience with more conversions.

Research & Audit

We research your business to find out impactful marketing strategies. Then also analyze competitors & their ads to bring better ROI at an optimum cost.

Optimization & Setup

Next step is to set up the different social media accounts as well as perp & set up the ad campaigns. Then, we target the audience based on their demographic location, age group, gender, and interest.

Campaign launch

After we are done setting up and optimizing the accounts and advertisements, we will move ahead by launching your campaign successfully.

Audit & Analysis

All there is left is to monitor and ensure your ads are running properly. If any errors or lacking are found, we will fix them without hampering the campaign.

Deliver & Plan to Action

After we are successfully done implementing all the work to run your campaign, we will look forward to the outcome. Also, we will make plans for what is needed to be done ahead.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

We are ready to help. Call us today or get a free quote customized for you and your business.

Impacts of Social Media Marketing

Social media provide excellent platforms for companies to interact with their audience and build a solid bonds. Through different social media portals, you can reach a bigger audience. For simple communication, you don’t have to spend tons or go miles away. With some simple marketing strategies, your brand will get vast recognition among people and in the market. More people will be aware of your services and this will grow their interest in your business. Hence, you will get more leads to promote your products and services further. This will also help in increasing your sale and audience trust exponentially. Ultimately, your business will grow and you will be earning more profits.

How Do We Do Social Media Marketing?

To simply put, there is no one fixed way to do social media marketing or any other kind of marketing work. It varies on several factors, such as business, traffic, demand, location, etc. But in general, our working procedure has one specific goal. It is to increase your conversion & make your business popular. And we will do everything necessary to do so. Starting from creating profiles to competitor analysis, writing or designing posts & publishing them, handling the profiles with reactions, comments & replies, and finally, promoting your products or service to gain popularity or increase sales. Just everything you need to do to increase the publicity and conversion of your business!


Most Popular Questions

In Times IT, we effectively prepare our social media marketing plan for your brand or business for a month. Here, we create a monthly strategy and its process is proportioned nicely. So, your ad campaign runs smoothly and it can attract a targeted audience systematically every 30 days. This way, your business can achieve a new milestone and ultimately grow.

You can expect the first work product submission within 30 days. Later on, the execution period differs from month to month or package to package. But as per our policy, you will always get this service catered to within a month. We can of course, revise the package according to your necessity.

In this case, you need to contact us. So, we can upgrade or downgrade your monthly social media marketing service for the next service period as you wish.

Times IT has a huge team of professional graphic designers under its belt. They are genius minds and have an acute sense of how to aesthetically design the post maintaining relevancy and audience engaging factor.

We understand the value of feeding your audience with regular content. Hence, if you want we can post on your social media profiles daily or maintain a specific schedule.