Freelancing English Course in Bangladesh

Best Freelancing English Course in Bangladesh

Needless to say, English is the staple language used to communicate around the world. Almost every person should learn it. But many people are fearful of English. They find it pretty hard to speak it out clearly. And even if they do, others shame them for the broken English. This lowers their self-esteem, which leads them to avoid this universal language. Many people achieve wonderful IT skills. But the biggest barrier that comes in their way is English. Considering the fact, many IT institute has taken the initiative of taking Freelancing English Course in Bangladesh.

Times IT is one of the proud IT institutes that is providing international caliber, Freelancing English Courses since 2017. Many of the students came from the village and they had poor command of English. But after taking the Freelancing English classes, their condition improved a lot. Now, they can read, write, and talk in English easily. So, Times IT works to make their English better, which boosts their self-esteem. Plus, it allows them to easily communicate with their buyers and clients.

The world is expanding and people from different countries are connecting through the internet and technology. IT sector has created scope for freelancing and outsourcing facility. So, when you deal with clients and buyers, you have to communicate in English. This is the common ground for both parties to come and negotiate.

Now, imagine you have polished design skills, but you don’t know how to speak English correctly. They will ask you to draw architecture, but you will give them a bird’s nest. Haha, jokes apart. For real, meeting your buyer’s demand can be challenging for you then.

Hence, I will encourage you to start learning English today. Now, the question is where can I find the best Freelancing English Institute? Well, if you are a dweller of Sylhet, then you must come to Times IT. We have a board of dedicated Spoken English teachers with years of experience in teaching. 

Now, let’s get a bit honest here. Grammar has always been a speed breaker for me. I am sure a lot of you agree. How about we eliminate the need for it while learning English? Yeah, I can hear people laughing at me. However, you can learn English, in fact, good English without Grammer. How?

Times IT Freelancing English

Well, here in Times IT, we have a strong belief that when we first learned our mother tongue; we didn’t know its grammar. We learned it by hearing and speaking. Yet, now, when we speak, we make sense and our sentences are grammatically correct.

So, why waste time on hard grammar? You can simply focus on the simple tips and tricks of the teacher. And then you are good to go. Now, don’t assume that we will only show you some shortcuts, and then after a few days, it will go away. Rather, the lesson we provide is effective, the brain can catch easily, and don’t need to cram at all. Further, they will stay with you for a long time. You will understand it by yourself and learn the language step by step.

So, in total there will be 20-25 classes on Freelancing English. There will be lots of homework for you to study and practice at home.

Our teaching approach is unique. We encourage the student to say out their lesson loudly. Call us old fashioned, but this helps to retain the class activities in their head. Besides, Colin MacLeod, a psychologist at the University of Waterloo in Canada, has said people continuously remember words and texts better if they read them aloud instead of reading silently. 

So, at first, we acquaint students with basic verbs and provide an extensive sheet. Students orally repeat these words in the classroom. Then they are instructed to learn these at home. After that, we introduce them to the persons. We show them the uses of verbs and person collectively. Such as I go, you can rest, she eats mango, they are playing football, Fahmi is writing an essay, etc.

Then comes the part where we enter the next level with WH questions. Like what is this, what do you want, how is your health, where is my pen, when will you come, etc. We ask the students to make their own questions.

Later on, we teach them a positive sentence and then teach them how to convert them into a negative sentence. The fun part kicks in when students are asked to make negative question sentences. They get creative with it in the class and it seems super enjoyable for them. So, we infuse amusement in our class. So, you can learn English with delight.

Now, we don’t implement head-scratching topics like a tense, preposition, connective verbs, nouns, vocabulary, adjectives, etc. Instead, we use their supplement in words and sentences. Here they are known as the spice of words, timing of a sentence, words to use in the right places, etc. When you will do our classes, you can catch up easily.

Besides, students are advised to communicate with each other in English inside the classroom. Their homework includes chatting with friends in this language, making English presentations on a certain topic, and practicing writing paragraphs, dialog, essays, etc. in English. 

After all these things, the teacher will conduct a final exam of 100 marks.  It includes 25 marks viva, written exam of 25 marks and lastly presentation of 50 marks.

So, yeah that’s pretty much it.


Great communication skill is crucial if you want to hook a buyer or client. Hence, English is considered as the favorable language for this job. With proper command over this language, you can not only impress your buyers. But you can better understand their demand. This helps to build a good relationship with them. For this reason, Times IT provides the best Freelancing English Course in Bangladesh. If you are interested, hit them up at their Facebook page.

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