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Best Digital Marketing Course In Bangladesh

The marketing trend has gone all digital when the internet and technology started flourishing. When we were kids, there used to be big, sky-reaching billboards at the top of the building for promotion and marketing. Now, the time has changed and these ads and promos have shrunken to your phone screen. Now, you can see your favorite brands, companies, and their product with just a single tap or swipe up. All thanks to Digital Marketing for an excellent engagement between the seller and the consumer. This field is setting quite a bright career alternative for young people. Hence, many renowned IT firms including our Times IT are encouraging people to take digital marketing courses.

Keeping pace with the up-to-date technology, businesses, institute, companies, and brands are more inclined to promote their goods and services through online platforms. In this case, a professional digital marketer is a right man for the job. In return, your company will get a whopping profit. Whereas, the digital marketer will receive a handsome paycheck.

At this rate, I can sense your interest to slide inside to see what Times IT digital marketing course has to offer you. Trust me mate, we are more than happy to share our course outline with you.

Times IT Digital Marketing Course

Times IT is the leading IT firm that provides exceptional Digital Marketing courses in Bangladesh. The courses are advanced and allow a student to excel as a professional. Hence, with their proficiency, they can tackle any kind of project demanded by the clients.

Alright, let’s have an extensive look at the syllabus of the Digital Marketing Course of Times IT. But before we proceed, I want you to know about the major categories of Digital Marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Now, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it is a set of standard rules and procedures to index and ranks your web pages in organic search results. Google prefers to provide the user with the best pieces of information available on the internet. So, they crawl like the spider on the web to find out such content.

Here, SEO optimizes the websites and ensures Google has all the relevant and prominent information available for a particular search on the web. This way, you can improve your site and increase its visibility when a person enquires about products and services similar to your business in any search engine. Such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, etc. SEO is considered one of the important marketing strategies for any type of business and brand.

So let us explore some of the top benefits of learning SEO:

  1. SEO focus on the complete marketing funnel.
  2. It can attract a targeted audience to your site.
  3. If long-term marketing is in your plan, then SEO is the best strategy for you.
  4. The most important work of SEO is to enhance organic discoveries and first-rate website traffic.
  5. The great thing is you don’t have to pay for ads in SEO marketing.
  6. SEO is more trustworthy since people believe in organic results.
  7. This promotes a higher degree of brand awareness among your audience.
  8. It also supports content marketing and content writers, creators, etc.
  9. With SEO, you can keep yourself ahead in the competition.
  10. Google loves to give you a positive user experience. And what better ways there are than SEO.
  11. Good for small businesses as it can bring more customers.
  12. It works excellently for higher ROI and conversions.

How important is an SEO expert?

In today’s market, the value of an SEO expert is humongous. Every day, new websites are added to Google. Hence, you can realize the competition is sky-reaching.

An SEO expert is hired to perform a website SEO audit to analyze the site analytic and other factors. From the study, a well-developed SEO campaign is generated that works efficiently for the business.

Plus, keyword research takes a huge amount of time and effort. But an SEO expert can provide you extensive keyword research plan that will help you to get proper keywords to rank faster.

Besides, as an SEO expert, you have numerous fields to work on. If some need help with the content marketing plan, you can provide them with the exact strategy. It will help them to drive more visitors to their site.

Another way to bring more traffic to your website is to earn media and links. Here, an SEO expert can play a key role in building links and better ally with the industry experts. This will also increase the website trust in the eyes of Google.

Lastly, a good SEO expert provides a well-tested marketing strategy for your website that will hit the bulls in promoting your brands and services. As a result, you can gain more revenue from Google or other search engines.

That’s why more website owners are hiring SEO experts to bring the best out of their sites.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is also known as Search Engine Marketing. It is a digital marketing strategy that people often wind up with SEO. SEM involves using paid advertisement which you commonly see on search engine result pages or SERPs. Various brands and service companies bid their advertisement on the keywords people lookup on Google and Bing. This allows the advertiser to squeeze in their ads alongside the searched web pages. These ads are also implied as pay-per-click (PPC) ads and they appear in different formats. Such as visual ads like product listing ads, product-based ads, text-based ads, and others. SEM is an effective digital marketing strategy. It allows the advertiser to exhibit their ads in front of the potential customers who are willing to buy the products at the instant moment. No other medium has that much power to pull off bigger-scale marketing like this one. Hence, you can see the value of SEM for a various local and international company, industry and brands are increasing. For this reason, you should definitely have a good understanding of SEM courses. And if you are looking for quality training on digital marketing then you can check for the Times IT.

Social Media Marketing

More or less, everyone uses social media nowadays. So, why not turn those platforms into a powerful way of marketing your products and services? Yes, you heard me right. Social media marketing is an effective method of generating more sales, driving website traffic, and connecting with your potential customers. This in return, increases the value of your brand in the industry. While it gives you a leg up on competitors.

You can’t even imagine the marketing level people are up to make you buy their product. Let’s take this instance while scrolling Instagram feed, mindlessly I was saying to myself that I need a hoodie. And guess what? After a few scrolls down, I found the coolest Spiderman hoodie that was absolutely my taste. Then I couldn’t help buying it from that online page. Miracle, right? No, it’s not mate. Welcome to the wizarding world of the digital marketing era.

Learning the social media marketing strategy, you can also say “I am something of a wizard myself”. Oops, the fun part is you will be a wealthy wizard.

Now, come to business, how will you learn social media marketing? First of all, get admission to the nearby best IT institute. You can also find this course in the prestigious Times IT. There you can understand how social media works and its influence on people. They will show you various strategies to market and place the product across the vast internet. Also, teach you how to target a particular audience.  You will learn to collect data, research competitors, consider audience demographics, create engaging content, and focus on the importance of specific platforms. Besides, you will come across various free and paid tools to view the analytics while marketing for the brands. This will give you a great insight into how far your marketing is going.

So, if you are up for it, this is your Que.


Advertisement is a communication strategy of a brand or business to the customers in attracting the audience, selling products, or trafficking more people in websites, etc.

It can happen in different ways through television, radio, the internet, newspapers, magazines, prints, billboards, etc. Among them, the internet is commonly used for advertisement. Because it is efficient, impactful, and cheap.

So, digital marketing strategies include through-the-line advertising. These are directed toward brand building and conversions. Also, they implement targeted or personalized advertisement techniques. Now, what benefits a brand or company can you derive from advertising? There are many to say. Such as minimizing per-unit cost, building brand, increasing customer loyalty, engaging new customers, informing people, and assisting in launching new products, etc. 

There is a separate industry of advertisement which has companies and agencies working under it. People like copy editors, visualizers, brand managers, researchers, creative heads, and designers produce advertisements. While they try their level best to send the message to the audience. There are huge scopes of making money in the advertisement field.

So, what are you waiting for? If you think you are capable, try your talent here today.

YouTube Marketing

Every month around 2 billion people log into YouTube account. Now, you can imagine the audience base of it. Enormous, right? Next to Google, people search their favorite content with relevant keywords on YouTube. That’s why it is considered one of the biggest parts of marketing these days.

Different companies and brands create their YouTube channel, figure out video strategies, and upload HD quality videos. They also optimize videos and popular keywords along with trending hashtags. Hence, starting YouTube Marketing requires baseline SEO knowledge. Then marketers will promote these videos on and off YouTube.

Another way of YouTube marketing is squeezing YouTube ads in between the video clips or at the beginning sometimes. For example, you are watching videos and suddenly a 5-minute ad of Food panda pops up. Annoying, I know. But this is a marketing strategy of that food delivery company. Now, interested people will click on the link of the company’s website and order food. So, that’s how YouTube promotes a brand or product and gives it the limelight. That way, the company faces more traffic, their customer base elevates and every day reaches new viewers.

Your job as a YouTube marketer is to help the company with creating extensive tutorials, providing attractive video thumbnails, live streaming, guides, lessons, and running ads, etc.

According to a report, skilled YouTube marketers can earn approx. $57-$63 per hour. Wow, that’s huge money for both local and overseas YouTube Marketer.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most profitable direct marketing strategies. It requires you to send emails to a list of contacts to promote your brands. As a result, it allows you to engage with huge prospects and audiences. This is a worthwhile marketing technique that helps to drive conversions, advertise products, and create mass interest and trust in the brand.

Now there could be many types of e-mail marketing. Such as promotional, newsletters, educational, campaigns, automated transactional emails, and automated marketing emails.

If you want your business and brands to seem committed to their customer in the industry then E-mail marketing is the key strategic channel. Results have proven that it can convert general people into customers.

So, in performing email marketing, you need to grasp 6 significant skills like Accessibility, Interactive content, Artificial intelligence, personalization and automation, Data privacy, and Mobile optimization. According to a trusted report, an email marketer can score about $40,000-$100,000 each year.

Affiliate Marketing

Through affiliate marketing, an online retailer offers commission to the external website for directing customers or generating sales from its recommendation. So, in this process, an affiliate marketer helps a company or brand to sell more products to its customer. Here, an affiliate will link a bridge between the retailer and the consumer. Plus, he will convince the buyers to make a purchase. As a result, he will a small portion of the sale as a commission from the online retailer. Basically, an affiliate works independently and he will have no boss. So, he can work for several companies and earn more money. Sounds fascinating, right? Learn affiliate marketing and be your own boss. 

Content Marketing

What is content? They are basically message shared through infographics, videos, podcasts, books, articles, and other media. Whereas content marketing includes creating, publishing, and distributing content for specific audiences online. The benefits of content marketing are to generate mass awareness of the brand, form expertise, and uphold your business in a top-notch position during the sale. This way, the potential customers get to know that the company holds value for them. So, the content has to be great and engaging and if it’s consistent, then it can form and sustain a good relationship between the seller and the customers. When the customer realizes your advice, services, or products hold their best interest, then they will come for more. According to a statistic, business with blogs gets 67% more customers than other companies. Besides, business marketers suggest content marketing for increasing engagement and to gain more leads. So for planning, creating, and sharing important content for a company, a content marketer will be needed. If you have this digital marketing skill, then you can cut a good figure out of it.


So, as you can see above we have to tell you the detailed digital marketing courses that we provide in Times IT. If you do a digital marketing course here, you will be much benefited from this technology-oriented industry. These courses will increase your demand in both real jobs and market place. So, if you want to be your boss we would suggest you try your talent and luck here.

Best Wishes.

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