IT Training Institute in Bangladesh

Best IT Training Institute in Bangladesh

IT sector is expanding at a rapid rate day by day in Bangladesh as well as in the whole globe. It has created many job opportunities for people of every walk. With great IT skills, you can earn a fair salary from the comfort of your home. Your life will be well settled and the country will flourish with your remittance. Feels great to hear, right? Now, if you are interested in trying your luck and talent in the IT sector, you should know about the Best IT Training Institute in Bangladesh. Then you can tick mark one that offers you quality IT courses at a practical price.

Here, in Times IT, we value your time and polish your IT skill. Numerous people of Sylhet and outer districts are doing their IT training with Times IT. Majority are happy with the services and the success rate is also impressive.

Hence, we decided to give you a detour of the Times IT Courses and what benefit you can get at the end of the training.

Times IT started back in 2017 and since then it has created job opportunities for much unemployed youth. They believe in a better future, build with the help of IT and skilled people. So, to create mass awareness, Times IT conducts a free seminar almost every Saturday. You can book your slot here if you are interested to join our next seminar. All your queries and confusion regarding the IT sector are discussed over there. Further, our professional advisor helps you to choose the IT course based on your preference and talent. The following day, they take a competitive admission test to evaluate your interest and passion in a particular course.

Best IT Training Institute in Bangladesh

Moving on, we offer students with several IT courses. They are given in the following:

Professional Graphic Design

In Times IT, we offer you a professional graphics design course if you have a creative and imaginative mind. This is the first step to getting started. So, graphics design is a way to communicate with the audience through visual content. Here, we taught the student how to use attractive visual grading and page layout software-based methods. Furthermore, creative media designers utilize typography, symbol, mark, and images to satisfy people’s particular demands. While concentrating on the logic of the bottom to showcase elements in engaging designs to enhance the user’s experience.

Graphics designing is also known as emotional design, since it plays with the reader’s mind. You can simply call them visual interpreters and connectors that form visual perceptions with the help of hands and implementing computer software. A graphics designer publicizes ideas through physical and virtual art forms like images, words, symbols, shapes, graphics, and caricature. These things help to inspire, stimulate, inform and captivate consumers.

To examine your progress and to give you a head start with your training, there will be a class test and overall final exam. Besides, you will have to take part in various contests to upload your work. Meanwhile, many students get their first job from these sites. It gives them more encouragement to do the class.

In Times IT, we have a Special Care Batch (SCB) for brilliant students of Graphics Design after finishing their course. There they can get 15 or sometimes more extensive classes on the study of design.

I wish I could say more in detail. But I won’t drag this any further as my readers will get bored. Here’s what you can do. Just click here and take a detour to our Graphics Design Course Module. This will give a power-packed idea about this particular course.

Digital Marketing

Say goodbye to traditional marketing and embrace the futuristic approach of marketing that is digital marketing. These IT skills will help you to skyrocket the business of companies, brands, and industries through an effective online marketing strategy. It will attract potential customers from the audience or readers of search engines like Google and Bing. That way, you can generate more product and service campaigns and earn multifold profits.

Basically, there are some major categories of digital marketing that include SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, and Content Marketing. If you take a digital marketing course from Times IT, then you will get a lesson on the following topics:

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Article writing
  • Competitor analysis & website audit.
  • Freelancing Guide (Account creation & completion).
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword research (Ad sense, Affiliate, Service, Buying)
  • Off-page SEO (Link building/earning, Link analysis, web 2.0)
  • On-page Optimization
  • On-site Optimization.
  • Penalty Recovery
  • Social Media Marketing (Paid campaign & boosting)
  • Webmaster Tool
  • Topics
  • Article writing
  • On-page / off-page SEO
  • Social Media Marketing

But again, these are just the names of the top trending skills of digital marketing in the current time. There are much more things within each of the above mentioned topics. If you want to look at the full syllabus then you should go through this link.

We recommend this course to people who have an analytical brain. They can better keep up with the algorithms and logistics. So, if your brain is happy with numbers and logic, then you should go for this course.

UI/UX Design

UI stands for User Interface which focuses on the components of visual interface such as typography, colors, menu bar, the home page, and icon, etc. This makes the interaction between the user and the product.  Whereas, UX means User Experience and it works on the backend to give experience with a product or service. These two designs are not entirely separate rather, they influence each other. Together, they decide how a product appears and operates. If a client requires you to make a user-centric product, you will need to use UI/UX design. It is something that Times IT is highly calculating to start on a massive scale. So, here you will find the following classes on this course.

  • Design Principle
  • Advanced UI Design Process
  • Full-Stack Design
  • User Interface Fundamentals
  • Information Architecture and Interaction Design
  • User Flow and Wireframe
  • Design Tools-Figma & Adobe XD
  • Design System
  • Color, Typography, Grid System, Composition
  • Usability and Aesthetics
  • Building UI
  • Prototyping and Testing

Web Design

Web design fall under the category of UX (User Experience). Basically, it refers to the layout making or design creation of a website to make it look relevant and attractive to the user. Web design determines how your website and its content will look and function. It is basically the process of visualizing, planning, and forming a collection of electronic files. These things determine the colors, text style, structure, font, graphics, layout, pictures, response, and interactive features for the web pages. A great web design gives a convincing and sincere tone to your website. So, click here to know about the classes we take on web design.

Web Development

Are you into coding? Perhaps, you can try out this web development course. It works behind the fabric of the website. So, web development is all about coding and programming that enables the functionality of a website. It also deals with the building and maintenance of the website published on the internet. When you take a course in Times IT, you will get acquainted with so many programming languages, frameworks, and tools. Let me give you a full demo.

  • Elementary concept of Dynamic website
  • Programming Language – PHP(Row)
  • Object-Oriented Programming- PHP
  • Database (MySQL)
  • Dynamic Website Development
  • Dashboard Integration with Website
  • Explore PHP Framework – Laravel
  • Understand REST API
  • Payment Gateway Implementation
  • Final Project
  • Deploy in Real Server

Freelancing English

As a complementary, we provide you basic freelancing English course to enhance your language skill. So, you can communicate better with the clients and buyers in the marketplace. This is not usually seen doing in other IT Training Center in Bangladesh.

The Last Times

Times IT is considered one of the Best IT Training institutes in Bangladesh in recent times. They are regularly implementing updated class modules to give quality IT learning experience to the people. If you want to make your life better in the future, then you must shake your hands with the IT sector. So, we welcome you. Our professionals and teachers will always be at your side from the beginning of the IT course till the end & even after that.

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