Freelancing Training in Bangladesh

Best Freelancing Training in Bangladesh

As we know, Bangladesh is a poor country, but this is going to be the thing of the past. Our country is rapidly developing with the hands of the internet and advanced technology. So, it brings me to the topic of freelancing. It allows you to work for any person or company around the world online by sitting at your home. This will eradicate poverty and generate more remittance income. For this reason, you need to have a stable internet connection and well-polished IT skills. That’s why government and non-government institutes are offering much freelancing training in Bangladesh. So, that the next generation lives a digital and prosperous life.

If you are new to the idea of freelancing, then stick with us. We will try our best to make it as simple as possible for you. Here, you will get to know about different IT skills and their course given in Bangladesh. It will give you a head start in your freelancing journey.

So, let’s begin with what is freelancing.

Freelancing Training in Bangladesh

Freelancing means you will work as an independent person hired by a company, marketplace clients, or someone else. Your work will be mostly online-based. While you will provide them a service and in return, you will get the payment. Let’s say you are a photo editor and an events organization company hired you to edit some photos of their recent events and promos. You will do your work, get money, and that’s the end of the session. 

Sometimes, the duration of such work can be of short period for that company. When a person freelance in a marketplace, they can get hourly payment. You can apply it in the real world too. Besides, you are not handcuffed to the conventional 9 to 5 jobs. So, basically, you are self-employed. According to a mass study, freelancers are 53% of age 18-22 years. So, if our youth get into this sector, they can highly contribute to the economy of Bangladesh.

Alright, so let’s see some of the freelancing training in Bangladesh that people of all walks can take.

Graphics Design

Graphics design is the process of creating visual content to deliver a message to the targeted people. The elements of the designs are interactive and the visual utilizes hierarchy and page layouts. Hence, the designer can also use typography and pictures to address the user’s particular demand, which optimizes their experience. Basically, the task of a graphics designer is to attract viewers through images, color, and typography.

Most people call it’s an emotional design because it plays with the interest of people. So, a graphics designer must know how to hit the right chord with the users from their first interaction with the visual content.

Let’s say you are designing a flyer for your favorite political party for the upcoming election. It must be promising and seems warm to the people. So, what do you think a professional graphics designer will add there? First of all, the picture of your leader, then his symbol, and the agenda he stands for. So, all these things should be presented nicely in a flyer which will attract mass interest. So, form, shape, texture, and font will be designed accordingly to make this content a hit. In return, the designer will be rewarded with a good amount of money. So, this is just an example.

Now, think about other domains that a graphics designer can open and the good fortune they can make. To conclude, if you are a creative mind then you have a lot to offer in this graphic designing sector.

UI and UX Design

UI and UX are more like yin and yang to each other. They have a slightly different essence of the approach. But both of them have a common goal and that is to enhance user satisfaction. It is accomplished through the creation of products and interfaces that are creative, smooth, and efficient.

To simply put, UI is the visual design of the product interface that is generally based on the nature of the product. It includes the layout, icons, colors, typography, architecture, buttons, frames, animations, and illustrations.

Whereas, UX design is about making a better human experience with the product. So, the work of a UX designer is to analyze people’s motives behind the use of the product, their demand, and feelings wrapped around it. It also considers what they have to understand and what action they should take over time. Mostly, this part is performed first then comes the visual design.

Let’s take an easy example for UI and UX design. You are designing an apartment. So, the skeletal structure, room selection, and other framing structure is the UX design. Whereas, the details like the color of the rooms, windows, doors, and curtains, etc. are UI design. 

Now, what is the market demand for a UI/UX designer? As per a survey, 87% of hiring managers stated that they give the topmost priority to the UI/UX designers while hiring for the job. Aside from this, LinkedIn has a separate report which shows that it is among the top 5 demanding job skills. 

Digital Marketing

Suppose you have launched a fashion brand and you want to promote it to maximum customers around the world. In this scene, digital marketing enters. It is a type of marketing of your products, services, or brands through electronic devices to deliver promotional campaigns and target more people. This can take place in different forms, such as display ads, paid social ads, online video, search engine marketing, social media posts, and sponsored ads in the social media portals, etc. Day by day, its demand is increasing. Because new businesses are setting up and there is a huge competition. To compete with one another, they need a grand scale promotional campaign across different fields. So, you can realize the importance of digital marketers in the market.

In digital marketing, a significant field is SEO. Let’s have a look at this one.

The best way to get your website on the first page and in a top-ranked position through organic search is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It plays a significant role in the marketing of your company, brand, and business.

Nowadays, people search Google for everything they need in daily life. So, Google tries its utmost to ensure a positive user experience for its users. As a result, it places the best pieces of information before the eyes of the people.

In this respect, the work of SEO is to optimize your website with prominent information on the web for a specific inquiry. So, it assures Google that your website has relevant facts.

Google has a set of disclosed algorithms or processes to index and rank a specific website. And implementing SEO, one can ensure several factors impact the indexing and ranking of their website. However, it requires more patience and consistency to get the desired result. 

In today’s time, the demand for an SEO expert is immense. Where corporate companies and brands are in dire need of optimizing their website for more potential customers, profit, and royalty income.  They are also ready to hire you at a handsome price.

Now, content writing is one of the core element of SEO. Why not having a brief overview of it?

Content Writing

Professional writers currently are in huge demand. Because brands, companies, and firms want to promote their products and services to a large group of audience. Without a well-written, engaging article, you won’t be able to gather good traffic on your website. Hence, the necessity of a professional content writer kicks in.

They are trained and have avid ideas on how to provide information to attract people to your sites. In return, they will get good pay. A lot of people are nowadays doing freelance writing, hired by a company or organization. So, a content writer will write content as per their client’s requirement and can also work from their home. This type of work is seasonal, so you can focus on other article writing gigs. Hence, you can earn money double time from content or article writing.

Google AdSense

You can monetize your or someone else’s website through Google AdSense. The website has visitors who will see the related ads given by third-party advertises for promoting their brands and products. It works by matching ads with your content and visitors on the site. For each click & views of the ads, you will get a payment from the advertiser. Basically, Google AdSense’s work is based on cost-per-click and revenue sharing. However, for different ads, the amount of money may vary. It is a great opportunity for webmasters and site owners to turn their traffic into an asset. Google Adsense can be highly profitable for people who have their website ranked on the first page. Plus, if you do freelancing Google AdSense, then you can score a decent payment.

Nowadays, Ezoic is giving tough competition to the Google Adsense. It is an automated website testing company that allow publishers to decide and develop website’s blueprint and ad placement. Ezoic utilizes your Adsense to increase more traffic and raise revenue by experimenting with hundreds of ad location and style combinations. This implement analytics to ensure a perfect balance of user experience, content, and monetization. Basically, they utilizes data that excels in all types of platform. Overall, Ezoic is a simple and effective way to enhance user’s experience.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy where a company pay to a third-party publishers for generating traffic and promoting their services and products. In this process, you will work as an affiliate and can earn a commission from the sales you have made for them. An affiliate can track the links that brings in more leads. While using internal analytics, you can tab how many convert to sales.

An e-commerce merchant is in higher need of an affiliate for reaching a huge range of internet users and shoppers. Then the affiliate communicates and promotes the products by running text ads, banner ads, or links on its websites or sending links to the clients. Viewers who click the ads or links are redirected to the e-commerce sites. If they make a purchase of the particular product or service, the e-commerce merchant offer the affiliate with the agreed commission.

So, it is a win-win situation for both the affiliate and the merchant. Recently, this field has created a massive scope for earning a good deal of money.

Web Development

In a general sense, web development is the structural making and development of a website for hosting through the internet or intranet. So, this process includes web design, web content, network security configuration, web content development, and client-side/server-side scripting, etc.

In expanded views, web development is more like the implemented steps, operations required to create, maintain and regulate a website. So that its performance, efficiency, speed, and user experience are smooth and optimal.

Web development can be an excellent career choice in today’s time. Because it is considered as one of the most in-demand job titles in tech. So, various IT training centers in Bangladesh are providing an extensive Web Development course.

The Last Word

If you are looking forward to utilizing your talent and time then you better consider the Freelancing training in Bangladesh. I can’t tell you the huge number of people are benefitting from this every day. This has become a life-changer for them. So, say goodbye to unemployment and wave hi to a flourishing future.

With that note, we are ending this here.

Good Luck.

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