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Best Freelancing Institute in Sylhet

Nowadays, freelancing institutes are growing like frogs’ umbrellas in our beloved city of Sylhet. But how many of them can honestly provide you with quality courses that are applied in the real world? Or at least in the virtual world? The reality is, many of them don’t know what is freelancing. They provide you with courses for a certain period. But won’t tell you how to sail the ship and let you sink in the mid-ocean. That’s why it has created a false misconception in people regarding the online marketplaces and freelancing.


Whereas, with the hand of Times IT, Sylhet experienced something new and path-breaking success in the IT sector. For the last 4 years, it has delivered masses with skill, unleashed their talent, and made a booming career path for many youths. This saves them from frustration and ensures a secure life ahead. Not only that, but also many bright students got the chance to do a prestigious job in the Times IT firm.

Free Seminar

What separates this institute from all is its dedication toward transparency in the wider freelancing world. To make this quick-witted field more accessible and coherent, every Saturday, there is a free seminar class. People from all sectors and parts of the city come and join it. It lasts for 3-4 hours and within the session, all the information and doubts are covered. The hosts are sincere and try to help you with every possible detail. Different questionnaires are also taken from the audience and all answered are to clear the air.

So, care to join our next seminar? You can book your slot here at JOIN SEMINAR.

IT Courses

Freelancing can make you your own boss. You don’t have to move from door to door for a decent job. Whereas, you can make a crazy amount of money from the internet. All you need is the correct guideline, polished skill, and genuine commitment. And Times IT is more than glad to help you with this purpose.

We generally provide the following courses:

Our institute has earned quite a fame from the Professional Graphics Designing course. Most students started to earn money from the marketplace during the course. Yes, it is evident. Okay, I understand, it’s hard to buy our words here. So, why don’t you have a look at their Success Stories

Cosmopolitan Calibre Classes

Here, we provide authentic and streamlined information on freelancing and IT sectors. Whether you stay in Bangladesh or abroad, the course outlines are international standards. Trained professionals conduct the classes and they make the syllabus comprehensible and effective. Regular homework and class evaluation tests are given to examine the progress of the student. If anyone faces any hardship, the teacher dealt it with utmost care and seriousness.

Class Environment

Additionally, the class environment is friendly and everyone is treated equally. The most considerate thing about this IT institute is we try to maintain the code of morality and personal dignity. So, it will be a safe space for your daughter, sister, or any other female member of the family. Further, you can meet and interact with people of mutual interest. It will make you a part of the bigger IT community. While the competitive environment will bring out the best in you.  At the end of the course, we become a family, and the student leaves with many memories and handy skills.

We have a lovely Gallery to share with you.

So, that is Times IT for you. If you are interested or need any information, call our help desk at +88 01757- 516 337. The office hours are from 11 am -9 pm.

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